Welcome to the James Madison Gun Shop, named after our fourth President and the “Father of the Constitution and Bill of Rights”.

James Madison was vitally important in drafting our constitution and for ensuring the protection of our God-given rights, specifically the right to bear arms.

Our goal is to give the best value and the best service to every customer. Due to low overhead costs, we are able to sell for far less than other gun shops, in fact, most of my merchandise is listed below the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).


The James Madison Gun Shop is located in downtown Brush, Colorado. Visit in person or shop online!

Thanks for visiting!

Nathan Osbrach
Owner, The James Madison Gun Shop

  • Nathan Osbrach
  • The James Madison Gun Shop
  • 119 1/2 Clayton St Brush, CO 80723
    Monday: 10a-4p | Tuesday: 3p-9p | Wednesday: 3p-9p
  • (720) 404-1669
  • info@thejmgs.com

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